Our story

Our glow story started back in 2007 when our founder was sick and tired of products that were readily available in stores. King Cas resorted to the use of simpler, more effective alternatives. Over the years he used olive oil, avocado oil and other natural ingredients as a way to moisturise and hydrate the skin.

After using singular oils for a few years, our founder was gifted a ball of raw and untreated shea butter and although it was tough to work with in its natural state - something special had indeed been stumbled upon. By initially mixing just a couple of natural oils together, Ajani's love affair with organic ingredients officially began in the summer of 2013.

Since then our founder no longer purchased the brands that he grew up on ever again, there was no was he was going to punish his skin knowing that there's something out there waiting for him to discover. In 2019 when exploring the internet King came across an inspiring idea that would conceive the concept that has now been born to be Organic Glow.

Our commitment is to create beautiful and luxurious ranges of skincare products that are not just organic, but also accessible both financially and quantitatively. We've sustainably sourced the best ingredients from Africa, Asia and South America in order to give you the best body butter moisturising experience. What's more is the positive impact that is made when we attain raw materials in various places around the world.

We are so very proud of our work and believe you will enjoy Organic Glow Signature Blends, its truly a beautiful range of products made with love, care and go through a thoughtfully delicate process.